1. Bingo Cards

Pass out a Push-Out Bingo card to each player. These cards are included with the game and they work very well because no daubers or chips are needed to mark the cards.

2. Bingo Patterns

Select a game pattern*. (See example 1.) The most common pattern is 5-In-A-Row; a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line, located anywhere on the bingo card. Patterns are not limited to those shown below. Letters H, C, U and T, covering all 24 squares or creating your own, are all acceptable patterns.


3. Bingo Caller

The Bingo Caller is the official scorer of the bingo game and it is his/her responsibility to recognize the Play-by-Play events as they happen so he can call the corresponding bingo numbers. If you do not have a qualified person to recognize the plays, there are several websites such as ESPN,,, and that report the Play-by-Play events just seconds after they happen. Taking advantage of these websites is a great way to practice and learn more about the game.

4. Process for Calling Bingo Numbers

• Identify the Play-by-Play Event
• Match that event with the proper period on the game template
• Call out the bingo number associated to that particular event and period to the players
• Circle the bingo number in 2 places – on the Play-by-Play Event and the Master Call Tables.
(See example 2)

5. Duplicate Events in the Same Period

There can be duplicate events in the same period. Duplicate events do not receive a bingo number, but instead result in a no call for that event and play continues with the next event.

6. Substituting for Duplicate Bingo Numbers

Starting in the 4th inning for Baseball/Softball and the second half for Football/Basketball, there is a chance that a Bingo number called will have already been called previously. If this happens, the Bingo Caller chooses a number that has not been called by starting at the top of the first inning or quarter and working his/her way down until a number is located that has not been circled in both the Play-by-Play Event Table and the Master Call Table. That number will be substituted for the duplicate number and should also be circled on the Play-by-Play Event Table and on the Master Call Table. Repeat this process for any duplicate number called. (See example 3A-3C)

7. The Winner

The Bingo Caller calls numbers until the winning Bingo pattern has been achieved. The player with the Winning Bingo Card, yells “BINGO”. The Bingo Caller checks the Winning Card for accuracy.


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